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As both a life-long fan of horror films and a connoisseur of white-glove cooking, Dave Cohen has always been fascinated with humans’ fitful relationship with food. In TASTE, he’s combined these twin passions into an elegant and terrifying journey into the world of “extreme cuisine,” a world he’s convinced exists in back-alley kitchens across the globe.

Dave’s recent horror credits include NO ONE LIVES (ANCHOR BAY), starring Luke Evans and directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, the acclaimed Blacklist script, SUBJECT ZERO, as well as SURVIVOR, which has recently been taken under option.

Previously, Dave wrote and sold comedic features and television projects to companies including Fox, Sony, Universal, Disney, NBC and Comedy Central. Before becoming a writer, Dave wound his way through several Hollywood jobs, from Video Assist Technician to Assistant Director to Production Executive. It was his experience developing stories as an executive at Michael Ovitz’s Artist’s Production Group that inspired his pursuit of screenwriting.